Shaintar_J&L_Eastport -- The Big Muddy

The Ashen Blight Strikes

Disease spreads through the poor and servants

A fever is sweeping the poorer sections of Eastport. Over a week, its victims go from hale to pallid shadows of themselves. Priests and chirurgeons alike are trying to find a cure for the Ashen Blight.

The fever strikes suddenly and seems resistant to both natural and supernatural cures. It is fatal to the very young, the elderly, or the infirm. Survivors are left emaciated and drained, marked with the ghastly pale complexion that is the disease’s namesake.

Over the past month, about there have been about 150 victims with 60 deaths. Eastport’s mortality rate has almost tripled due to the Blight. While it’s been mostly struck the poor, the Five Families are concerned that it could spread. They are taking drastic measures to try to stop it’s spread before the Festival season goes into full swing.

Jutzenka Square and other major markets are closed to anyone with signs of the Blight. Some survivors have been attacked in the streets by mobs panicked by the stigmata of the Blight. Posse comitatus have forced quarantine on families and neighborhoods with disease victims.

The streets are lawless and chaotic. The Rangers have provided escort for healers and food wagons into afflicted neighborhoods. Vigilantes tried to block them from leaving and were beaten back by the Rangers. Lt. Granger has received complaints about brawling in the streets from both the Harbormaster and the High Controller.

The situation is bad and seems to be getting worse. Several funeral caravans have been robbed and destroyed on their way out of the city to the necropolis.


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