Ashen Blight

The Ashen Blight is a wasting fever that develops over a weak. Healthy victims survive but are marked by the disease for life. The young, the old, and the infirm often succumb to the disease.

Exposure to the disease can be resisted with a Vigor check. Repeated exposure makes the resistance more difficult, adding a -1 penalty to the Vigor check for each consecutive day of exposure. A failed Vigor check causes fatigue for most victims but is worse for the elderly, the young, or the infirm. Any one with hindrances like Elderly, Young, Anemic, Obese, or Lame takes a Wound and Fatigue rather than just fatigue.

The Blight leaves its mark on all victims, making them gaunt and pallid. Most people find the stigmata visually unpleasant, causing a -1 Charisma penalty for 6-9 months after recovery. If the disease is active in an area, there is an additional -2 Charisma penalty due to fear on contagion.

The disease’s stigmata fade over 6-9 months — faster with healing — but traces can always be found by a knowledgeable eye. Even years later, a careful examination can reveal disease sign to someone with healing knowledge or experience treating the disease.

Ashen Blight

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