Content Formatting

Please follow these standards when creating content. Consistent formatting and tagging will help keep the wiki manageable.

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General Formatting

Links to DriveThruRpg

Please add SPF’s affiliate number to any DriveThruRpg links. For example, http:// instead of just

Page layout

  • Page sections should use the h3 tag
  • Subsections should use the h4 tag
  • Avoid any sectioning below subsection — consider adding a new page or breaking an existing page into multiple pages


  • Check existing tags before adding new tags
  • Use tags liberally for to highlight important characteristics
  • Be sure to keep mutable tags, e.g. character rank, up to date

Images and Artwork

  • Adding images and art is highly encouraged
  • Credit the artist whenever possible
  • Only use art that is in the public domain, under some sort of common license, or with explicit permission.
    Google’s image search has an search tools that allow usage rights to be specified. You can limit the search to images marked for non-commercial reuse.


Both PCs and important NPCs are listed under Characters.


  • Use a simple first name last name format for names without any other decoration.
    For example, “John Doe”, not “Ranger 1st Class Sir John Franklin Honor Doe, Esquire”
  • Override the character’s slug with a nickname if the character’s full name is long or hard to spell.
  • Make sure names fit the Shaintar setting. See Legends Arise for examples.


  • Use the Shaintar dynamic style sheet for player characters
  • Start the biography with a few lines that give a broad overview of the character.

Suggested Tags

  • Organization
  • Rank
  • Race
  • Location
  • Status


Images of 250px X 250px work best and have a small file size.

Adventure Logs

This is where you and your payers will write reports on your games. Here are some suggestions on how to make these easy to read.


Title: Free-form but short
Subtitle: A longer description, should include character name if the title does not
Other information:

  • Date of game
  • Name of the Event
  • OOC thumbnail summary
  • In-character report and details

Suggested Tags

  • Location
  • Major Enemy
  • Organizations

Content Formatting

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