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Trouble is brewing in Eastport. Trouble is always brewing in Eastport but this trouble goes beyond the usual Five Family infighting. People disappear without the usual ransom demands or assassin’s mark. There are rumors of vile trade in the port — Blood Iron reagents and even slaves. There have been sightings of creatures of Flame and Darkness prowling the underbelly of the city but none from reputable sources.

More substantially, Iyrros Karrimayn has claimed he is the rightful Unias-Regent of the Western Fae and the Warder of the West Wood. This brings him squarely in conflict with House of Salanad of the Malakar Dominion. Iyrros is gathering resources and allies to support his claim. Reportedly, his protectors have already stopped two Schozim assassins.

On a less serious note, the Mockery has staged a biting parody featuring the Saddler brothers. Bradford Saddler is incensed. He threatens to bring the actors before the magistrates for the insult. He’d certainly see the authors in the dueling ring, if they were known. The Saddler Overseers advise Bradford to ignore it, the Mockery is walking dangerous ground. They are a mouse tweaking a cat’s whiskers.

The game Small Favors is the latest fad in the gambling houses. In typical Eastport fashion, the games are open to any that can afford the buy-in. It’s not unusual to see a game with High House scions rubbing elbows with flush merchants and sailors of dubious character,

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