Bright City, Dark Secrets

Eastport teams with life, a trade city overflowing with excitement and wealth. It is open to absolutely everyone and you could meet practically anyone there. It delights in temptation and debauchery. But have care — Darkness and Flame infest the city too. And it has precious few good heroes to block their corrupting influence…

Campaign Guideposts

  • The Heroes are on the side of Good, though they may differ in their means
  • The Villains are smart, patient, and subtle, though they may not be evil
  • The Conflicts happen out of sight or in the dark, not in plain sight
  • Success requires Subtlety and Guile, not raw violence

This campaign relies on the Eastport Guidebook and the Malakar Dominion Guidebook. Please consider purchasing either or both.

This campaign is part of a shared campaign world. Read more about Shaintar and Justice & Life at

Artwork used with permission from Evil Beagle Games, all rights reserved. Do not reproduce without express permission.

Shaintar_J&L_Eastport -- The Big Muddy

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